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Q: Maybe you already know this but just wanted to say that Akari from Samurai Deeper Kyo is a canon trans woman and she's sooo cool and pretty! You should post some pics of her!

I actually did not know this <3

Thanks for letting me know~ Do you know what chapter she is introduced in?

12:04 am - Sun, Mar 23, 2014
Q: Hello. I'm assuming I'm talking to the person that is the head of this tumblr blog. I have interest in this tumblr blog, as well as the one known as "fuckyeah2dtraps". I had bookmarked the link for the "2dtraps" one months ago, and now find that a password is required to get in. It seems like you are an affiliate of that blog. How would one learn of that password? Is there someone on tumblr you can direct me to who could tell me the password? Thank you for your time.

Not affiliated with fuckyeah2dtraps at all.

12:36 am - Wed, Nov 13, 2013
Q: I used to have a feel-good playlist, but that was lost with my new computer. But off the top of my head, I'd recommend: Jumpstart - These Kids Wear Crowns, Good Life - OneRepublic, I Could Be There For You - Eisley, To The Sky - Owl City, and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay. Hopefully some of these are good~! uvu


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New Admin!

Hi, I’m the new co-admin of fuckyeah2dtransgirls. So now there’s two of us!

I will be doing my best to find great art and write down great headcanons and track down great canon and implied canon analysis for trans girls in animated stuff, esp anime, just like my fellow admin and runner of the site does.

I’m very glad to be here. Hi!

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Q: Hm yeah, I guess I got a little too excited about it. I suppose I read cookie more as dmab genderqueer, but even still you're definitely right about the mental hospital and everything. Sorry >_<

It’s okay. It’s easy to get excited about even really shitty representation because there’s so little of it to begin with. Happens to everyone. And yeah Cookie could totally be dmab genderqueer. I could see it.

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Q: omg, your getting me to watch SO MUCH ANIME just to see these amazing trans girls! Thank you! X3


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Q: Speaking of Adventure Time, did you know they had an episode recently with a very possibly legit trans* character? :) Princess cookie! www[.]youtube[.]com[/]watch?v=Uaezexfx14Q

Yeah okay I can see it but Princess Cookie’s episode is horrible. Nonstop misgendering, even from the relatively supportive Jake and in the end Princess Cookie tries to kill herself and gets locked up in a mental hospital. The scene with the grass kingdom crown in the end is cute but this is just a really borked representation.

Adventure time really screwed up with this.

1:14 am - Wed, Apr 17, 2013
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Canonically Trans Characters in anime~


In alphabetically order even!

(I’m sure I’m missing some characters so let me know~ Also there are a ton of characters in manga that I could probably throw on here but tried to just stick to anime~)

((I am rather annoyed when any of these characters are referred to as traps though, maybe I’ll make the #2D Trans Girls tag popular someday :V ))

Read More

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Okay well haven’t uploaded anything in months

But I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things~ Expect updates at the end of the week (hopefully!)

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Maybe I should start updating this blog again.


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Q: gwyndolin is a man

no she’s def a woman

11:01 pm - Wed, Dec 5, 2012
Q: Hard to call it a translation error when the original voice tracks for the japanese version of the game are the english ones we have as well. It means that the writing for the voice work was specific.

Regardless I don’t think saying ‘Master’ was that big of a deal :V

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Q: just to throw in my two cents and not to necessarily say your interpretation is wrong, but the Darkmoon Lady does refer to Gwyndolin as male, and it seems a little odd that his closest friend and confidante would go around misgendering him like that. Personally I just think he continues playing his female role because Gwyn told him to, and he respects and cares for Gwyn and the traditions behind the role. mtf trans here, so take that as you will.

The Lady of the Darkling never really uses pronouns with Gwyndolin. She refers to Gwyndolin as Master Gwyndolin once which typically is used to address men, but I don’t think it’s very concrete really~ Which for all I know could also be a translation error. I assume the actual translation would be closer to Gwyndolin-sama which would be more gender neutral.

I do think the Lady is totally in love with Gwyndolin though. But I’m not sure I’d call the two friends. I kinda doubt Gwyndolin leaves her chamber much to visit and the Lady’s adoration is kinda one sided.

I really do think that Gwyn & Gwyndolin did not get along very well and that Gwyndolin herself had some ulterior motives that never really got to play out while the player was around. Most signs (but my interpretation at least) show that she wasn’t really well respected and kinda led a more forsaken life. But again, up to interpretation.

9:41 pm
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Q: Gwyndolin is a male. the reason behind his feminine appearance is that he was born under the sign of the moon, which in dark souls lore is considered a female only sign, therefore, his father lord Gwyn had him as one. He isnt in anyway female, he was just raised as one.

Even though I haven’t updated this blog in forevers and like 86 days (that’s forever + 86 days if anyone’s confused) I’m gonna respond to this because I finally got around to beating dark souls recently.

Your interpretation above is just the general fanbase consensus. But above all else, it is just an interpretation. Plus the majority of the Dark Souls fandom (like most game fandom stuff) is white cis men. :V

Playing the game though, and as far as Dark Souls lore in general goes, lots of the story and backstory is up to the own players interpretation.

Gwyndolin doesn’t refer to herself using any pronouns so I can’t say for sure what she prefers but my interpretation has her as a trans woman~ And honestly I think it makes a lot more sense than the interpretation that she was just raised as a girl but really identifies as a guy.

For one, she continues to wear women’s clothes long after Gwyn is gone. Only after killing her do you find out any kind of concrete backstory.

Her robes state:

The power of the moon was strong in Gwyndolin, and thus he was raised as a daughter. His magic garb is silk-thin, and hardly provides any physical defense.

But is that the truth? Lots of stuff is super contradictory in dark souls and lots of questions go unanswered.

Gwyndolin was essentially abandoned in Anor Londo. Even her statues were taken down, suggesting (to me at least) that she was almost banished or condemned to stay behind. There is an illusion of Gwynevere that Gwyndolin herself created just to maintain order. It kinda makes me think that she (Gwyndolin) was not very well liked and needed this illusion in order to keep control.

Why wasn’t she liked you might ask?

Well my theory (and again this is my interpretation) is that she chose to identify as a girl at a very young age.

Gwyn wasn’t like “well you got some moon affinity, I think I’m raising you as a girl!” Instead it makes much more sense that Gwyndolin chose to live as a girl and was thus scorned for it. Gwyn may have been the one to suggest to the people of Anor Londo that Gwyndolin was presenting as a girl due to ‘moon affinity’ but really this was just because he was ashamed of Gwyndolin’s decision.

It’s the reason she was left behind in anor londo and the reason she has to work through an illusion of Gwynevere to get everything done. Why her statue was taken down eventually too.

It’s also why she continues to wear female clothes.

I say Gwynodlin is a canon trans woman because to me she really is. The backstory of characters in Dark Souls is definitely open to interpretation but to me this makes the most sense.

I could totally get more into this if anyone was interested (also if I update this blog anymore I think it will focus more on my personal interpretation of characters and be more text heavy).


Also so love her character design~ :swoon:

5:18 pm - Sun, Aug 19, 2012
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Bunch of submissions just posted up~

I’ll totally take requests too though :)

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